Thursday, August 25, 2011

Naked and Hungover

The panties of the week have finally been changed to the ACTUAL panties of the week...with less than two days remaining. Great. I really dropped the ball. 

Regardless, the pink lace panties I was bemoaning went for a respectable $31.00 and the white cotton bikini-prints are now at about the same. I was really hoping they'd go for higher, since they're truly such a unique pair. I threw up some added incentive in the form of extra custom photos, so let's all cross our fingers - 

Kammi's white cotton bikini-print panties!

These panties...these ones, here -

In case you're interested, I was cleaning out my closet and threw some clothes up on Ebay - these clearly aren't billed as fetish items, but I thought I'd let "Adventures in Panties" readers know about them, as they can potentially BECOME fetish items if say, worn before shipping by myself. Particularly of interest are these vintage bloomers from the 60's, available in either pale pink or pale blue stripes -

I also listed three pairs of shoes, including these leather sandals -

Everything I listed (mostly vintage shoes and clothing) can be found on my Ebay page. Please ignore the photos - Amaya foolishly used flash photography and I look about 20 lbs. heavier than in real life - I tried to "photoshop" them in Google's Picasa program for accuracy and failed...although I did manage to give myself a third eye - 

I also have good news on the sock front! While I previously complained that I own no pale colored socks, while rummaging through my clothing, I discovered I, in fact, own TWO PAIRS of pale socks! Really hot pale socks! THIGH-HIGH PALE SOCKS, one white pair with blue stripes and a second tan pair! I was going to snap photos of them (as well as the bright yellow cotton thong I just got!) but I am REALLY HUNGOVER and SOOOO SICK!

Here's what happened.

My roommate, Lars, just got his student loan money and bought a bunch of fancy, Belgian ale for himself, myself, my friend Ava (who is moving on Monday) and Amaya. I don't usually drink much, but was in a terrible mood and, what the hell, I said. I drank five or six beers on an empty stomach and woke up at 6:00pm, nauseous with a headache. I'm now lounging on the couch, trying to choke choke down a sandwich and coffee. Lucky for you, dear reader, Amaya was really "in the zone" last night, as she calls it, and arranged the lighting in the living room for actually viable photos. First, I just took my shirt off - 

As you can imagined, more clothing was eventually removed, eventually resulting in THE BEST NUDES AMAYA has ever taken of me! WITNESS:


Oh.My.God. We should all applaud the return of Amaya and her astounding camera skills. I posted these on ebanned, cleverly concealed.

Amaya doesn't charge for her talent - I'm counting the hangover as payment!

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